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When we are aware that
Planas de Font would give up usual children's games to take refuge in solitude, in order to feel one with the silence, the sands and the mountains of Haut Atlas where she used to live, that she felt imbued with the glaring and changing colors of the beautifully wild Moroccan land, we might hold one of the keys which leads us to the mystery of her painting. A painting which appealed to me immediately. And immediately it did.

Like any creative work, it baffles mere analysis; its shadowy, precisely mysterious look remains predominant. A painting which does not try to win us over (it springs from an inmost necessity) and yet it charms us! That is because those sometimes gloomy canvasses marked with a manly technique have an — emotive power — as well as a subdued and disturbing sensuality through an interplay and a blend of telluric colors.

If according to Rilke — there is some kind of an old disagreement between life and creation — Planas de Font who wants to be as open-minded onto the world as to solitude, has found out a balance which conciliates night torments with dawn expectations in her painting.

René de Obaldia

signature de René de Obaldia
Portrait of Planas de Font while painting.