Music, dance, drawing, sewing met for me on the Moroccan land where I was born, and became very early in my childhood the preoccupation of my body and hands.

Portrait de Planas de Font
Artist's workshop.

On this land where very strong contrasts reign, severe uninhabited landscapes with muted tones, breathtaking silence, others with yellow and red ochres crushed with light, not to mention the lush festivals of colors, scents, and refined dishes, here, my different aspirations have coagulated. A father who was an agricultural engineer who drew with talent, a Catalan Spanish grandfather working before the war at Chanel and for whom I became a very small “assistant”, came to complete the Moroccan soil.

When we returned to France, I started ballet dancing. A rigorous daily discipline, which leaves no indulgence for any mental or physical relaxation. A few years that have structured me. Meetings with choreographers, performers, writers, poets, decorators, all of great talent and for some, personalities who leave you with an education for life.

Life… which also imposes on you a brutal rendezvous which was almost without return. I resisted.

My work resumed in a design workshop for Haute Couture fabrics, completed by drawing sessions with a sculptor friend, and painting with a painter well known internationally. These two personalities were decisive.

First participation in a fair in 1983, the Salon de Montrouge, followed by the Salon d'Automne, Grands et Jeunes d'Aujourd'hui, Réalités Nouvelles, Mac2000, Contemporary Art in Montreux, and personal exhibitions in Paris, Strasbourg, Lausanne , La Chaux de Fond, Martigny, and the Opéra de Montpellier.

I like themes linked to nature, water, air, earth, plants and minerals, to all these elements which bring out life in its great complexity and which combines both fragility and resistance. I attach great importance to the quality of matter, and to its vertical structure, a powerful symbol of ascension and progress.

I continue my work in Paris in my workshop on the following techniques: oil, gouache, collage, acrylic on fabric mounted on wood, drawing. Always “on the road”.

Exhibitions & fairs


  • 2018. Independants Fair– Art en Capital – Grand Palais
  • 2013. “Salon Comparaison” – Art en Capital – Grand Palais.
  • 2000/2003. Fair “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui”. Paris et Luxembourg.
  • 1999. Collective exhibition at Manfacture des Œillets “25 years of Collection”.
  • 1999. Fair “Artistes et Collectionneurs” Saint Mandé.
  • 1994/95/99. Fair Mac 2000. Espace Eiffel – Branly Paris.
  • 1991 à 2019. “Salon d’Automne” (sociétaire).
  • 1987/88/90. “Salon des Réalités Nouvelles”.
  • 1983/85/98. Montrouge's fair.

Personal Exhibitions

  • 2019. Grillon's gallery – Paris.
  • 2009. Montpellier's Opera.
  • 2005. Galerie La Tour – Gil Zermatten – Martigny, Suisse.
  • 2003. Galerie du Manoir – La Chaux de Fond, Suisse.
  • 2001. Nelly L’Eplattenier's gallery — Lausanne, Suisse.
  • 1993. Nicole Buck's gallery – Strasbourg.
  • 1992. Grewal's gallery – Marine S – Paris.
  • 1991. Ecole des Beaux Arts de Rueil-Malmaison.
  • 1989. La Galerie – Paris.
  • 1988. Levallois' cultural center – Perret.
  • 1987. Meudon's cultural center.